Michael and souls in Purgatory


The following are examples of Michael’s assistance to souls who have died, but not yet been allowed to enter into Heaven due to their need for further purification, before going to live with the Triune God:

  • “A Cistercian monk appeared to a priest friend soon after his death and told him that he would be delivered from Purgatory if during Holy Mass the priest would recommend his soul to St Michael. The priest complied . . . and he, together with the others who were present, had the consolation of seeing the soul of his friend being taken to Heaven by the Archangel” (St Michael the Archangel, 2006, pp. 26-27).
  • One day, when a priest was offering Mass for the dead, he particularly recommended some souls to Michael. At that instant, “he saw the glorious Archangel descend from Heaven into Purgatory to deliver those souls and to conduct them into Paradise” (p. 26).