The adoration of Michael


Archangel Michael adores God wholeheartedly, especially God the Father. He kneels deeply in front of Him in total adoration, praying with his hands clasped, and with a most intense look of profound love on his face. Meanwhile, his face shines translucently as it reflects the immutable splendor of the Divine Light. Michael is not distracted when adoring the Almighty Father. For him, God the Father is truly the Alpha and the Omega, and due to his fidelity to Him, Michael holds part of the Name of God within his own name.

In terms of created beings, the adoration of Michael toward God the Father is unparalleled, except for that of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore, in the heavenly hierarchy, Michael’s rank is second only to that of the Mother of God; he is the Prince of the Seraphim, the highest choir of angels, despite being called “Archangel” Michael.