O Michael, supreme commander


“O Michael, supreme commander, shown forth as a most radiant intercessor before the three-Sunned Godhead, thou dost cry out rejoicing with the heavenly hosts: Holy art Thou, O Father! Holy art Thou, O co-unoriginate Son! Holy art Thou also, O Holy Spirit! One glory, one Kingdom and nature, one Godhead and power! Thine aspect is fiery, and thy beauty wondrous, O Michael, first among angels, for in thine immaterial nature thou dost transcend the ends of the earth, fulfilling the commandments of the Creator of all, knowing the power of thy might, making thy church a wellspring of healings, revered in thy holy name. O Thou Who, as it is written, doth make Thine angels spirits and Thy ministers a flame of fire: amid the ranks of Thine archangels, O Lord, Thou hast shown forth as pre-eminent Michael, the supreme commander, who doth obey Thy behest, O Word, and with fear doth utter the thrice-holy hymn unto Thy glory” (From the Stichera of the Holy Angels).

Note: Michael’s intercessory powers span all three periods of time – past, present and future – and his effectiveness lies in the fact that he resides in the eternity of God’s time.