A description of Michael


Archangel Michael likes to appear as short, stocky, fierce and beautiful. In other words, Michael comes as the warrior that he is, despite his friendliness when he speaks and sometimes coming without his armor. Michael’s being is always enveloped in light – the Divine Light – but the expression on his countenance is generally puckered, while he maintains a degree of reservedness. Rarely does Michael smile, although he sometimes does so. The most accurate depiction of Michael that can be found to date is that of his revealed icon of Panormitis (shown at left). All others are idealized or not-so-idealized portrayals of the artists’ desires, to some degree or another.

Michael excels at defending us from both the attacks and the person of Satan himself, the gruesome hideousness of which latter needs only to be seen and felt, for a second, in order to be left petrified. Archangel Michael speaks in a very firm tone of voice that can range anywhere from soft to literal yelling, with the latter generally happening in the glee of a victory.

When Michael wishes you to do something for God and to advance your growth in holiness, he has no problem commanding and “telling” you what you need to do, rather than asking you, fully in keeping with his warrior nature. Having said that, however, Archangel Michael is extremely staunch and loyal: once he has been given the assignment to defend you, he will do so, to a degree that will leave you open-mouthed in awe. Whatever or whoever you may be, if you need assistance, especially in relation to the Evil One, his minions and their endless machinations, Michael is truly the “go-to guy:” the Generalissimo, the Defender of our times. In fact, when you have Michael by your side, you can have no better friend defending and assisting you after the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary.