Quis ut Deus? Serviam


Quis ut Deus? Serviam! Who is like God? I will serve!” This is the victorious cry first uttered by Archangel Michael, after defending God the Father against Lucifer and the principalities and powers who opposed Him before the beginning of time (Rv 12:7-9). It is this battle-cry which needs to be our wholehearted and immediate response to the Most High, when He asks us whether we shall cooperate with Him in His divine plan for ourselves and all humanity. We do not any require any money to say “yes,” because our Father will provide us with everything we need to fulfill His desires. All we need is a sincere heart and good will (Lk 2:14), to unite our will to His and start bringing His reign and heavenly peace into our severely troubled world.

(From The Divine Heart of God the Father: 2nd Edition).