Archangel Michael’s service


The service of Saint Michael the Archangel is the suppression of the enemies of God’s truth (Abba Moses).


Happy feast day, Great Taxiarch Mikhael

St Michael the Archangel

St Michael the Archangel

Picture of the outdoor statue of Saint Michael the Archangel at his house, the Santuario San Michele Arcangelo a Monte Sant’Angelo, Foggia, Italy where there is his “celestial basilica” consecrated directly by the archangel himself.

(Credit: Taken by “Tango7174” on Wikimedia Commons).

Who is older: Saint Michael or Lucifer?


The question was also repeatedly asked, “Who’s older? Michael or Lucifer?” The short answer is neither because being angels, hence preternatural in nature, they are both timeless. However, Lucifer was the first angel to be created by God.

Did Saint Michael and Lucifer communicate?


The question was also asked, “Did Saint Michael and Lucifer communicate?” Of course they did. First, prior to the beginning of time and Lucifer’s downfall through pride, they lived together in heaven. Second, they fought in the famous battle narrated in Scripture (Rv 12:7-9). Third, they communicated again when Satan attempted to steal the body of Moses (Jude 1:9). Fourth, they will directly fight again when Michael chains Satan for the era of peace to ensue (Rv 20:2). Fifth, they communicate every time Michael fights Satan to defend the People of God.

More about the relationship between Michael and Lucifer (now Satan) can be found here.

What is the function of Archangel Michael?


The question was repeatedly asked, “What is the function of Archangel Michael?” In other words, what’s his job? Below is a brief summary of what the Warrior-Prince of the heavenly host does. More can be found in the side links on this site

Archangel Michael has six roles, or offices, in our lives:

  1. He is both the Leader of the Army of God, and the leader of the heavenly hosts, in their triumph over Lucifer and all the powers of Hell. Michael is also the Guardian of Paradise;
  2. Together with their respective guardian angels, Michael escorts the souls of the deceased to their Particular Judgment, then to Purgatory or Heaven accordingly. At the hour of our death, Michael descends from Heaven, presents himself to each soul, and gives him or her the chance of final redemption before dying. Thus, thoroughly upsetting the plans of the Devil and his minions to possess as many souls as possible, for eternity, as long as we cooperate with Michael in our last moments. Michael also requests prayers from us for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, because it is his joy to escort them to Heaven, into God’s Presence, once their purification is completed;
  3. He weighs every soul with hesed in his perfectly balanced scales, in relation to how much saintliness or otherwise souls have achieved in their lifetime;
  4. He was the Patron of the Israelites in the Old Testament, and is the Guardian and Patron of the universal Church – especially the Church Militant – in the New Testament era. Michael is also the patron saint of multiple cities and countries;
  5. He is the Guardian of the Blessed Sacrament in tabernacles around the world and, during Mass, the incense-bearer before the throne of God the Father; and
  6. He is the Herald of the General Judgment.


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Who is older: Lucifer or Michael?


The question was asked, “Who is older: Lucifer or Michael?” The answer is that neither Saint Michael the Archangel nor Satan (formerly Lucifer) are “older” than each other, because both of them were created by God the Father before time as we know it existed. However, Lucifer was the first angel to be created.

About The Warrior Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel


St Michael front coverA serious paucity of accessible and reliable literature exists, in a single place, on The Warrior-Prince, Saint Michael the Archangel. Written simply, with icons and a fairly comprehensive bibliography included, derived from both Judeo-Christian scholarship and tradition, this small book is intended to fill that need in relation to the great, humble, but ever-powerful warrior and guardian of the universal Church. The book is particularly suitable for those who do not know the Archangel Michael or who desire to know more about him. According to the Greek Fathers, the Archangel Michael is the prince of the Seraphim and the defender of the Faith.

The Mozarabic Breviary establishes Michael’s place in heaven above that of the 24 elders mentioned in Sacred Scripture. In the Greek liturgy, Michael is called the Archistrategos– the Arch-General; Generalissimo. Archangel Michael is also one of the seven angels who serve directly in front of the throne of God the Almighty Father. The main feast day of the Archangel Michael in the Catholic Church is on the 29th September, the Feast of the Archangels. Michael’s feast day in the Orthodox Church is on 8th November, the Synaxis of the Holy Archangels.

The Warrior Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel is available in paperback edition from Amazon and other major booksellers.

NOW AVAILABLE: Book on The Warrior Prince – Saint Michael the Archangel


Coming Soon – Book on Saint Michael the Archangel


Soon to be released by the Apostolate of the Divine Heart is my small book on our beloved friend The Warrior-Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel. This book is intended to fill the void of the paucity of solid literature on this great archangel, in easily accessible language, in one place.

With many short sections, covering different topics, with a series of questions and answers, and prayers to Michael, this book is ideal for those who do not know beloved prince of the heavenly hosts; do not know him sufficiently, or simply want to learn more about him. The Warrior-Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel will be available worldwide in paperback and ebook editions.

Where was Jesus when St Michael was fighting Lucifer?


The question was asked, “Where was Jesus when Michael was fighting Lucifer (at the beginning)”? The answer is that Christ was in the bosom, the Divine Heart of God the Father because He had not yet become the Incarnate Word.

Who was the angel who visited Christ in Gethsemane?


The question was asked, “Who was the angel who visited Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane?” The answer is very simple. The angel was Saint Michael the Archangel. It is for this reason that Michael is considered the guardian of Eucharist.

St Michael, Archangel of the Apocalypse


Here is a beautiful Russian icon of Saint Michael as the Archangel of the Apocalypse:

Michael icon