About The Warrior Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel


St Michael front coverA serious paucity of accessible and reliable literature exists, in a single place, on The Warrior-Prince, Saint Michael the Archangel. Written simply, with icons and a fairly comprehensive bibliography included, derived from both Judeo-Christian scholarship and tradition, this small book is intended to fill that need in relation to the great, humble, but ever-powerful warrior and guardian of the universal Church. The book is particularly suitable for those who do not know the Archangel Michael or who desire to know more about him. According to the Greek Fathers, the Archangel Michael is the prince of the Seraphim and the defender of the Faith.

The Mozarabic Breviary establishes Michael’s place in heaven above that of the 24 elders mentioned in Sacred Scripture. In the Greek liturgy, Michael is called the Archistrategos– the Arch-General; Generalissimo. Archangel Michael is also one of the seven angels who serve directly in front of the throne of God the Almighty Father. The main feast day of the Archangel Michael in the Catholic Church is on the 29th September, the Feast of the Archangels. Michael’s feast day in the Orthodox Church is on 8th November, the Synaxis of the Holy Archangels.

The Warrior Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel is available in paperback edition from Amazon and other major booksellers.


NOW AVAILABLE: Book on The Warrior Prince – Saint Michael the Archangel


Coming Soon – Book on Saint Michael the Archangel


Soon to be released by the Apostolate of the Divine Heart is my small book on our beloved friend The Warrior-Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel. This book is intended to fill the void of the paucity of solid literature on this great archangel, in easily accessible language, in one place.

With many short sections, covering different topics, with a series of questions and answers, and prayers to Michael, this book is ideal for those who do not know beloved prince of the heavenly hosts; do not know him sufficiently, or simply want to learn more about him. The Warrior-Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel will be available worldwide in paperback and ebook editions.