How do I call on Archangel Michael for spiritual battle?


The question was asked, “How do I call on Archangel Michael for spiritual battle?” The answer is simplicity in itself. You pray to him. You ask him without fear, without any hesitation and with genuineness in your heart, to help you out in the moment. Michael honors all calls to him that are genuine. He is the Defender¬†par excellence.


The original prayer to St Michael the Archangel


cropped-images-11.jpgO Most Glorious Prince of the Heavenly Armies, St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle and in our wrestling against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph 6:12). Come to the aid of men, whom GOD created incorruptible, and to the Image of His own Likeness He made him (Wis 2:23); and from the tyranny of the devil He bought him at a great price (Cor 7:23).  Continue reading

For the Synaxis of Archangel Michael


michaelO Michael, leader of hosts, who beholds things indescribable, since you are preferred with great privilege to the heavenly ones and stand in glory before the unapproachable throne, we beseech you to save by your intercessions, us who endure the hardships of tribulations and temptations. As you are clearly the foremost of the incorporeal angels, O Michael, leader of hosts, the minister of the divine Light, a witness and initiate thereof, save us who honor you annually in true worship, praising your faith in the Trinity.

Happy feastday, Michael! Above is shown an icon of Archangel Michael written by Borislava Katsarova.

An icon of Archangel Michael


Icon St Michael

Archangel Michael, written and blessed at Clare Priory, Suffolk, UK (2013). Egg tempera on natural gessoed wood panel, with gold leaf. This icon is now in the private possession of a Catholic priest.

Consecration Prayer to Archangel Michael


St Michael the Archangel, invincible Prince of the Angelic Hosts and glorious protector of the universal Church, I greet you and praise you for that splendor with which God has adorned you so richly. I thank God for the great graces He hast bestowed upon you, especially to remain faithful when Lucifer and his followers rebelled, and to battle victoriously for the honor of God Continue reading