Michael, the Archangel of the Apocalypse


Splendid icon of Saint Michael, the Archangel of the Apocalypse, done in 2016 by Russian iconographer Vadim Lakomsky.




Did Saint Michael get anything for his loyalty?


The question was asked, “Did the Archangel Michael get anything for his loyalty to God?” The brief answer is a resounding yes! Saint Michael was appointed head of the heavenly hosts – a post previously held by Lucifer – even though the former was a lowly archangel, in comparison to the latter who had been a seraphim. Michael earned eternity in heaven with the Most Holy Trinity, the privilege of guarding the universal Church and the People of God, among other things; and the privilege of chaining Satan forever.

Archangel Michael’s service


The service of Saint Michael the Archangel is the suppression of the enemies of God’s truth (Abba Moses).

Who is older: Saint Michael or Lucifer?


The question was also repeatedly asked, “Who’s older? Michael or Lucifer?” The short answer is neither because being angels, hence preternatural in nature, they are both timeless. However, Lucifer was the first angel to be created by God.

Did Saint Michael and Lucifer communicate?


The question was also asked, “Did Saint Michael and Lucifer communicate?” Of course they did. First, prior to the beginning of time and Lucifer’s downfall through pride, they lived together in heaven. Second, they fought in the famous battle narrated in Scripture (Rv 12:7-9). Third, they communicated again when Satan attempted to steal the body of Moses (Jude 1:9). Fourth, they will directly fight again when Michael chains Satan for the era of peace to ensue (Rv 20:2). Fifth, they communicate every time Michael fights Satan to defend the People of God.

More about the relationship between Michael and Lucifer (now Satan) can be found here.

Who is older: Lucifer or Michael?


The question was asked, “Who is older: Lucifer or Michael?” The answer is that neither Saint Michael the Archangel nor Satan (formerly Lucifer) are “older” than each other, because both of them were created by God the Father before time as we know it existed. However, Lucifer was the first angel to be created.

NOW AVAILABLE: Book on The Warrior Prince – Saint Michael the Archangel


Coming Soon – Book on Saint Michael the Archangel


Soon to be released by the Apostolate of the Divine Heart is my small book on our beloved friend The Warrior-Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel. This book is intended to fill the void of the paucity of solid literature on this great archangel, in easily accessible language, in one place.

With many short sections, covering different topics, with a series of questions and answers, and prayers to Michael, this book is ideal for those who do not know beloved prince of the heavenly hosts; do not know him sufficiently, or simply want to learn more about him. The Warrior-Prince: Saint Michael the Archangel will be available worldwide in paperback and ebook editions.